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TE-A5 series

Electric toggle injection molding machine

  • Compact Design and highly energy efficient
  • Fully electric toggle machine (1100 bis 8500 kN Clamping force)
  • Injection unit of IE260 up to IE8000
  • Control Unit IMC 500
  • Hydraulic nozzle pressure
  • High efficient toggle system
  • FEA optimized moving platen


Injection unit

  • High efficient in-line injection unit:
    Optimized for electric servo drives.
  • High performance plastication unit:
    Prepared for the production of precise parts.
  • Diagonal hydraulic pull nozzle touch cylinder:
    Ergonomic design for user-friendly accessibility.
  • Low friction LM guide:
    Accurate and energy efficient movement.
  • Swivelling device for injection unit:
    Easy serviceability of screw and barrel.

 TE A5TE-A5-Injection

Clamping unit

  • Energy efficient toggle system:
    Fast opening and closing stroke and clamped-type toggle pin fixation to increase durability.
  • Linear guided moving platen:
    Accurate and energy efficient movement.
  • Wide tie-bar distance and long stroke:
    prepared for large mold.
  • FEA optimized moving platen:
    Rigid platen ensures homogenous applications of force.
  • Mold height adjustment:
    Precise adjustment of stroke by encoder control.

TE A5TE-A5-Clamping

* The images and specifications might be changed without any prior notice for optional purpose and / or quality improvement.

  • Řada DL-A5

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    • Automatická otočná jednotka až do IH 11900

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  • Řada TH-A5

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    • Injection unit IH170 up to IH2900

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    • Hydraulic Servodrive System

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  • Řada TE-A5

    • Horizontal fully electric toggle machine

    • 1100 bis 8500 kN Clamping force

    • Injection unit of IE260 up to IE8000

    • Hydraulic nozzle pressure

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