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TE series

Electrical toggle machines

  • Energy saving up to 70% power as compared to hydraulic machines
  • Position accuracy ± 0.01 mm
  • Injection speed up to 1000 mm/sec
  • Clamping units from 300 and 500 kN

TE110 produkteTE110


Clamping unit

The toggle system has been developed by finite-element analysis for optimal force distribution.

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  • The clamping force is directed away from the typical concentration points at the edges of the mould towards the centre. This provides an envelope of uniform clamping force around the cavity.
  • Reduced mould maintenance costs
  • Contributes to optimal product quality when injecting into multi cavity mold
  • An efficiently set-up clamping force clearly reduces the general energy requirements and permits a greater injection and inner mould pressure.


Injection unit

  • Improved precision thanks to structural innovation
  • A closed loop circuit ensures optimal high-precision injection.
  • Suitable for injection-moulding with short cycle times where a very fast and precise position control is required.
  • The ball screw with high strength ensures a long service life.


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  • DL-A5 series

    Servohydraulic two platen premium class

    Developed and designed in Austria

    Compact design and high energy efficiency

    Automatic swivelling unit up to IH 11900

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  • HD-A5 series

    • Horizontal hydraulic three platen machine

    • 1800 to 3000 kN Clamping force

    • Injection unit IH530 to IH2900

    • Machine control unit IMC 500 with 18,5“ multitouch

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  • TH-A5 series

    • Horizontal hydraulic toggle machine

    • 1300 bis 4800 kN Clamping force

    • Injection unit IH170 up to IH2900

    • European technology, built in South Korea

    • Hydraulic Servodrive System

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  • TH-S series

    High Performance Toggle machines

    Equipped with servo hydraulic system - developed in the Austrian R&D Center

    Highest performance level in cycle time, precision and energy efficiency

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  • TE-A5 series

    • Horizontal fully electric toggle machine

    • 1100 bis 8500 kN Clamping force

    • Injection unit of IE260 up to IE8000

    • Hydraulic nozzle pressure

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  • TE series

    All electric high speed molding machines

    Position accuracy ± 0.01 mm

    Injection speed up to 1000 mm/sec

    Energy efficient servo motors

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  • VHA-RS series

    Vertical injection molding machine

    Automatic swivelling injection unit

    Small footprint and ergonomic working height

    High precision energy saving servo motor drive

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